4 th Conference of National Hospital & Cancer Research Center

7 th – 9 th March 2019

“Understanding Gynecological Malignancies”


ABSTRACT OPEN:  …December 1 st 2018
ABSTRACT CLOSES: February 10 th 2019, MIDNIGHT.
Abstract received after that date will not be entertained.


Please email your abstract submission as an attachment in a Microsoft Word document before to:

Assoc Prof. Sandhya Chapagain Acharya, Chairman,Scientific Committee,
Email: cancercarenepal1@gmail.com   OR sandhyachap@gmail.com

Confirmation of Receipt:
You will receive a confirmation email that your abstract has been received. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 3 working days, please communicate to the above email address. Electronically submitted abstracts will ONLY be considered; mailed or hand delivered abstracts will not be entertained.

The Scientific Committee reminds the attendees that the material deemed appropriate for presentation at the symposium should have the following characteristics:

  • Original and Scientific work (If presented earlier, should provide full details).
  •  Any scientific work accepted for publication or published in any journal will not be entertained.
  •  Accepted abstracts will be presented in either Oral or Poster session.

Abstracts submitted MUST adhere to the following specifications:

  •  Abstracts should be in English.
  •  Abstracts must be limited to 300 words.
  •  Authors, Coauthors, Place of conduct of study should be clearly mentioned.
  •  Abstract shall be presented under following headings:
  •  Title; Author Information; Background; Materials and methods; Results and Conclusions.
  •  Key words should be listed at the end in an alphabetical order.
  • Abstracts must be formatted as a Microsoft Word Document and with following formatting:

–  Single-spaced

– Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12
– Page layout: 1 inch margin on all four sides
– Please indicate the designation of the presenter (Resident/Fellow/Faculty/Consultant).

  •  Abstract Title
    – Title must be in Bold.
    – No abbreviations should be used in the title.
    – Abstract titles must be limited to ten words or less. Titles exceeding the limit will be edited.
    – Do not use capital letters in the title except for words that are always  capitalized.
  •  Authors & Institutions
    – Group the authors together: Please write Full names of all authors.
    –  Omit academic degrees and titles.
    –  Group institutions together, and provide institution names, cities, states/provinces, andcountry.


  • Payment: There is no fee for abstract submissions.
  •  Meeting Registration: Registration in the conference is a MUST to present any paper.
  • Multiple papers: A speaker may submit more than one paper; but must disclose earlier.
  • Type of presentation: Authors must indicate the type of presentation they wish to make,either oral or poster. But the scientific committee holds the right to decidethe mode ofpresentation.

Please Note:

  •  The Scientific committee editor reserves the right to edit abstracts, if necessary, for clarity,grammar, style, and length.
  •  Audiovisual equipment: An LCD projector and microphone will be provided in allsession rooms.
  •  Laptops: Individual laptops/notebook will not be entertained in the conference room.
  •  Presenters will have to provide their full presentation well in advance.
  •  Additionally, official measurement system is the International System of Units (SI).We recommend that our members and those writing for our publications make every effort to use the SI system exclusively.


Once the Abstract is accepted; an acceptance letter will be send to the presenters who
shall thenprovide the following to the scientific committee before

  •  A detailed CV of the presenter;
  •  A letter of clearance from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) / Ethical
    Committee /Research Department / Head of the respective institution stating that
    the study was carried outby the presenter in that center and the institution does
    not have any objection if the data orcase is presented in any conference.
  • Registration in the Conference
  • Final Power Point Presentation by email.
    For Poster Presentation, the specification and detailed guidelines for poster will be send
    once poster presentation has been accepted.
    After receipt of the above, scientific committee will then decide and Final List of
    Presentation, along with presentation instructions, will be emailed to the presenter by
    25 th Feburary 2019. If you don't receive final confirmation by this date, please
    communicate with:
    Assoc Prof. Sandhya Chapagain Acharya,
    Chairman,Scientific Committee,
    Email: cancercarenepal1@gmail.com
    OR sandhyachap@gmail.com

                                                                                                                  THANK YOU.